A Life of Giving is a Life Worth Living

helping-othersWe’ve Heard It Before,
But Do You BELIEVE it
and PRACTICE it?

My aim here to write some fresh ideas on an old, but extremely important subject, because so many online marketers just still don’t seem to get it.

It amazed me still how often someone will send me a private message or add me as a friend on some membership site or social network, and within seconds, usually without even asking permission, they are sending a link.


Don’t they understand what this screams?…. unprofessional
“I don’t have a clue… I’m very unprofessional….
I don’t care about you or building a relationship with you I just want to make a sale…..I don’t care to hear about what YOU are doing I just care about telling you what I’m doing… I, I, I”…..

The Bible says “we reap what we sow”. And a life worth living is one that makes sowing into other people’s lives a priority. What a great feeling it is when you know you’ve helped someone.

If you are new you may be wondering how on earth you could possibly add value or give to others when you are so new yourself. I think this is why there are so many so called “Coaches” out there. Everyone in Internet Marketing is a coach. But you don’t have to be, and pretending to be an expert, or successful in business when you are not yet, will only make you look like a fraud.

I’ve been working online now and am only just now starting to see the light, as I spent so many years jumping from one thing to another, looking for that perfect opp and constantly changing my marketing strategy. I’m not afraid to admit it and I certainly don’t ever want to pretend I had so much to offer because I’m so successful now. People will see through that. But at the same time I am always learning new things I can share and I know that as each day goes by I am moving closer to achieving my dreams, without having to pretend that I’m someone I’m not.

relationshipmarketingIt is not old news that marketing is about building relationships. But if you don’t believe it, then in my opinion you’ll never be successful. People really do buy from people. So if you’re struggling to make money online, don’t rethink what you’re promoting. Take a look at your network. Do you have tons of people online who consider you an awesome person and know what you do because you’ve taken the time to learn about them? If not, then there lies your problem.

I challenge everyone reading this who is not yet profitable online, to meet 10 people today and find something of value you can give them, that has absolutely nothing to do with your business. Find out their needs and figure out if there is something you can do to help. Share one of their articles. Something.

You will reap what you sow!

Hope you found this helpful.

May God bless you and make His Face shine upon you.

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