Break the Cycle of Doubt

walkbyfaith“We walk by faith and

not by sight”

2 Corinthians 5:7 (NAS Version)


Many people know that God loves them, and believes that He will work all things out for their good, but constantly lose the revelation of it due to lingering doubt. On Sunday they are singing and shouting about how God loves them and will provide for their needs, and then on Monday when the bill collector calls they crying and wondering “what am I going to do?”

Same thing with their business. They join something and get all excited that thisshieldoffaith is going to be the thing that makes them rich, then 2 days later they are looking for the next thing to join.

Today I want to challenge you to break the cycle of doubt and have faith in God. Break off your shackled of doubt and fear and put on the shield of faith.

The Bible says “the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.” (James 1:6-8)


The Bible also says that “Without faith it is impossible to please God”. This makes sense too. Would you be pleased if your kids didn’t trust you, especially if you had done everything in your power to earn that trust?

This described me perfectly, for many years online. Not only did I fail to seek God’s guidance and help most of the time, I walked around in a constant state of fear and confusion. Fear that I would never make money online. Fear that I was letting God and my family down. Confused as what I should be doing with my life.

It was when I hit my bottom at the pit of depression and realized that I would have to trust God, that things finally turned around. I started my blog and for the first time in nearly 7 years truly felt great about what I was doing. I allow Him to guide me in daily what I promote and sell, and only recently have started to use it to share His Word as well.

Even if you don’t believe in God, you must know that the Bible is full of sound wisdom and when put into practice, it’s principles work for everyone. This is why the “Self-Help” industry is wrought full of principles found first in the Bible.

And God’s Word says not to waiver.

It makes sense. If you jump around all the time you will never succeed. Online we call it the Shiney Object Syndrom but it applies not only to WHAT you’re promoting, but HOW you’re promoting it. There are so many options. Pick a couple strategies and stick to them. Give them time and do not lose faith.

Persistence, persistence, persistence. The Bible even says that. “When you’ve done all you can to stand, stand. (Eph 6:13)

Hope this helps. .

May God bless you and make His face to shine upon you.




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